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Your flexible recruiting solution

Our Services

We work as an extension to an in-house HR/Talent team, or in place of one, during times of under staffing. We plug into existing processes or create new ones based on the needs of the individual company. Bottom line, flex recruiting will flex your need in a way no traditional method can! Additionally, we are offering a new, groundbreaking agency transformation service. We can help you bring your staffing agency into the 21st century!

Our Team

Most would assume that in business, things must evolve and change in order to grow and adapt. Angela has found in 15+ years of business experience that change is often painful for many business leaders. There are many aspects of business that are proven methods to success, nonetheless they should always be tested and reinvented in order to keep up with societal and cultural changes occurring with their customers.

News and updates

Welcome Sarcos!

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest partners, Sarcos! As one of the world’s leading developers of robotic technologies, Sarcos has had their hands in everything from movie props to prostheses to human exoskeleton technologies. It is difficult to imagine a more interesting company to be working with. For more about the amazing work that Sarcos is doing, click here!

Our Clients

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