The Value in Creating Good Relationships

Antony International Solutions (AIS) has a responsibility to our clients, their candidates, and to our team, to ensure that we create good relationships in all of our dealings. We take pride when working with every single client of ours. From understanding and embracing their culture, to communicating with the candidates who are applying for their positions. It’s very important to us that the experience our clients have with us are professional, and most of all rewarding. Not just because we have filled their roles, but that we took the time to cultivate a strong bond with them, understanding what it is they are truly looking for in a candidate, to providing them with the very quality candidates they are seeking. 

On the other side of that coin, we want to ensure that the candidate experience is superb as well. We believe that consistent communication is key. The screening, interviewing, and employment process doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing. Candidates just want to know where they stand in the process, whether you are giving them feedback and you are taking them to the next level, or in that they are not the right fit for the job. By continually cultivating that relationship with them throughout the process, they will know that they can either continue moving forward with our client or they can start heading in another direction.

How are we able to execute, as a company, this relationship experience? Simply put, we ensure that everyone who joins our team has a true appreciation for one another. And then we pass that same experience onto our clients and their candidates. AIS truly is an amazing atmosphere to work in. Our President, Angela Antony, could not have set a better example of creating an experience for everyone she, and our company, touches. We love the clients we choose to work with, and we work hard to instill in every client the level of trust that we are truly a beneficial extension of their company. We have a combination of experienced Full Life Cycle Recruiters, Flexible Recruiting Associates, and leaders within our organization. And it is that combined effort, and support of one another, that enables us to provide a top-notch experience across the board for everyone involved.