Supply vs. Demand – Are we in an employee’s market or an employer’s market right now?


How your company handled COVID 

  • Pay cuts.
  • Expecting your people to work productively from home. 
  • Layoffs or furloughs.

How employees handled COVID

  • Can’t stay focused trying to juggle working remotely, kids, and school.
  • Worrying about who’s been infected.
  • Knowing people have died from it.
  • Not sure if they should go out or stay inside.
  • In some cases, making more money on unemployment vs. going back to work.
  • Not being comfortable going back to work in an office.

We’ve somehow lost that balance between having a great talent pool of individuals to choose from, and truly amazing opportunities at companies that allowed for growth and flexibility. Personally, I think there are a lot of people who have lost sight of business, and we need to bring back that balance. People, and businesses, need to change their mindset and get back to where their focus needs to be. On production!


Stop using COVID as an excuse and you might find your people following suit.

  • Companies need to get back to business. 
  • If customer service is lacking, if employees aren’t performing, it’s because of the message you’ve sent out to your people about how you’re handling COVID. 
  • If your people aren’t performing, bring in new people to fill that gap. This will start to move you in the right direction.

Working remotely is NOT for everyone. 

  • People who have always dreamed of having that flexibility, are now thinking it looks more like a nightmare.  Recognize yours and your employee’s limitations.
  • There are people who have always worked remotely, and are very good at it, but you always felt they needed to be onsite to be productive. Well, your company can benefit from that experience and production.

Sometimes a paycheck is all it really boils down to. 

  • When pay cuts had to happen, the natural next question is, “When do I get my pay returned back to what it was?”. 
  • And when you can’t answer that question, again, you need to make some tough decisions as it relates to bringing in new people. 

You’ve got to stop floundering around in the COVID swimming pool acting like you don’t know how to swim! Stop giving COVID so much power as it relates to your business or your life. If you want to remain in business, then everyone needs to get back to work! This is the only way you’re going to recover some of these losses. You need to regroup, maybe even revamp your way of thinking or doing business, you need to recover from what you’ve been through.

At this point, the task of regrouping, revamping or even recovering is probably overwhelming. A tiny part of you is hoping this will all work itself out. Well, if you think that, then you’re just wasting your time. Strategize a plan of action, right now, today. Wake up and push your business forward and adapt as it relates to workforce planning, management, and hiring.

Put your plan of action in the hands of those who didn’t struggle during this pandemic. To a company who has continued to operate efficiently and still kept their doors open for business. Who continued to support those clients who realized they needed to change their mindset if they were going to get through this successfully. Put your trust in Antony International Solutions and let us show you the way. Allow us the opportunity to walk you through getting back on your feet and getting you back to business!