Recovery Game Plan – Grading your adaptability post COVID


How to recover from your company being crippled because of losing people, losing business, losing trust, and having to work remotely, due to COVID.

  • You’re hoping that once this “COVID thing” goes away, things will go back to “normal”.
  • You’re going to be recovering from losing people and business.
  • You’re going to be recovering from a lack of trust as it relates to how your staff saw you handle this “COVID thing”.
  • You’re going to be recovering from having to work remotely, to now what?
  • You’re going to have to adjust to a new way of doing business!
  • Do you even have a Recovery Game Plan in place, let alone even given it a moment of thought?

If you had to grade your adaptability to how well you’ve handled business since COVID started, to begin the process of recovering from the hit, where would you fall on a scale of 1-10? Let’s assume your response of 1 being, “Are you kidding me?” to a 10 which would be, “We knocked it out of the park!” I think you’ll find that most businesses fell in the bottom half of that ranking scale. Why do you think that is? Because they weren’t prepared and they didn’t have a recovery game plan in place.


Don’t let COVID continue to cripple your business, and your workforce. Get your recovery game plan off the ground today!

  • Just because everything else is at a standstill with your business, while you wait for the other shoe to drop, hiring should still continue, whatever you do don’t stop!
  • You probably thought reduction in the workforce was the answer to remain profitable during the pandemic, wrong! Think about it, without your people, who’s servicing your customers? Without your customers, where’s the money coming from? You don’t have one without the other, so you need to make the tough decisions now by regrouping with your workforce, before it’s too late.
  • Everyone thought that by “going remote” this was the interim solution, except you all forgot that when people aren’t used to working remote and trying to juggle a full time job, kids, school, and the stress of COVID, something is going to fall by the wayside. Have you noticed how unproductive your staff is in this capacity yet? Is COVID becoming the “go to” excuse?
  • Don’t just think about a recovery game plan, start working on it, and then implementing it immediately.

I realize how hard it is to think outside the box, when you’re being hammered from all directions. There’s a solution I bet you didn’t even realize was an option to you right now, however, it ‘s going to take you being open minded and looking at things from another perspective. Flex Recruiting is actually that answer you were seeking, in creating your recovery game plan!

What’s Flex Recruiting? It’s an innovative approach, based on the ebbs and flows of your business, enabling you to carefully manage your resources and budget, all the while achieving your recruiting goals. This innovative approach was designed due to the giant gaps in supplemental recruiting, strategically recruiting from a cost and efficiency perspective. Just because you have employees who are too distracted to work, don’t want to work, or can’t work right now, doesn’t mean your business stops.

Having access to viable candidates, right now, is NOT an impossibility. Supplement us into your recovery game plan and let us take some of that stress off you and your team! Oh and did I mention, we are NOT an agency.