Getting to Know One of Our Team Members

My love for recruiting has never been hidden from anyone who knows me due to my love for talking and overall the love to unite people with jobs.  Most are unaware how I got into it and how I have managed to stay with my recruiting path today.

Back in 1996 I found myself looking for work and became a front office clerical person/orientation coordinator for a staffing company.  I have always been an outgoing people person and to be the gatekeeper so to speak for a company sounded so much fun, and help with the employment process was exciting!  As I interacted more with the candidates, I knew this would be my career path.  I loved seeing people as I was giving them their new hire orientation – with that sparkle in their eyes that we could be helping them out of unemployment and into a new employment opportunity for them. Some were even relocating from another state and I did meet one lifelong friend Michelle from those early days who is still someone I call my friend and we always go back to the late 90’s “how we met” conversation when we run into each other.

As I grew out of the front office into the staffing/recruiting role – I knew I was where I was meant to be.  Yes, there can be some harder times when you are not able to meet a clients needs or when the candidate doesn’t meet the clients expectations but I did learn early on – I can only do my best with candidate placement/matching.  The key was to always keep the client/candidate communication open and notate EVERYTHING. I always go by the motto – if it isn’t notated – it didn’t happen.  To be able to work with all types of companies and people just kept me so interested to stay in this field but the number one reason and will always be my reason to this day is uniting people with jobs – that is my love, passion and I wouldn’t change anything that brought me to where I am today.

I have now working within the corporate recruiting world and it has been both eye opening with so many fun and new challenges but I have finally found my home… my people and that is something I have always been searching for and didn’t even realize it until now.  While I wish I found them sooner, I wouldn’t change my recruiting career timeline because it has made me who I am now – A recruiter for life….