Caught up in the COVID Minutia – Flexible Schedules, New Company “Norm”, Productive Remote Workers, More Absences, Stress, Stress, and More Stress!


  • Adjusting to flexible work schedules.
  • New company “norm”.
  • Productivity is down.
  • Employee absenteeism is on the rise.
  • Stress, stress, and more stress!

If you’ve found yourself caught up in the COVID minutia over the last 6 months, then you’re not alone. It’s been tough, as an employer and an employee. Floundering around and acting like the sky is falling isn’t going to fix this though. Listen, people can only be forced to deal with this onslaught for so long and then something just snaps! So before it gets too out of control, you all need to get out of thinking the world is coming to an end and move right into solution land.


Your business, and your job, still needs to get done!

  • Figure it out! Get yourself a new routine or schedule. You’d be amazed at what can get accomplished when people stop making excuses. Excuses are nothing more than lies disguised to look like explanations anyway. So Stop Explaining- Get Back To Work!

Put an end to low productivity!

  • Get your people back to work, get rid of their distractions, if you need to make arrangements so that they can get back into the office vs. working from home to ensure that happens, then do it! This is not the end of the world, put the proper safety measures in place.

Absenteeism is at an all time “high”!

  • It’s the worry about being exposed if they leave their house to go to work, and yet, they’re out and about socially (trust me they’re NOT still cowering in their homes sealing windows and doors).
  • They’re worried about their friends and family members who have had to be hospitalized and they either can’t see them or be with them. But do you realize that we’re hearing more and more about people recovering vs. dying from this pandemic.
  • They’re focused more on the distractions of who is at home with them, so they’re absent when they should be working because they don’t know how to juggle it all. Sorry guys, it’s time to shit or get off the pot!

Stress, Stress, and More Stress!

  • I get it, you’re stressed out! But you know what? Stress has always been in your life, in some way, shape or form. The key is to go back to that time and think about how you handled it, and stop focusing on “this is different, because…”. Stress is stress.What have you done in the past to alleviate stress? Did you share the burden with others? Did you carve out time for “you”? You’ll find that stress commonly comes in spurts, you’ll also find that we have a tendency to bring stress onto ourselves. When it comes to COVID “stress”, just remember… this too shall pass (yes it really is that simple)!

And here’s a final solution for you…reach out to us today! AIS/Flex Recruiting can be the solution to your challenges of low production, absenteeism, and stress. You’ve pushed the pause button long enough, utilize a remote recruiting expert now. The ideal supplemental recruiting solution you didn’t know existed but is exactly what you need to help you finally move forward to your new normal.